Heyyyyyyyy! We're BACK!

Heyyyyyyyy! We're BACK!

Hey Tribe! Welcome to the world of Ngome Lifestyle! Damn it feels good to write again! I stopped blogging over a year ago when I was full time in the storefront (we closed our storefront in August 2020 due to Rona). Not only was I managing my shop, I was also the curator of an art gallery. Needless to say my time and energy was spent and squeezing in a blog was not on my radar. Energetically I was TAPPED-LOL! Fast forward and we have reentered the blog space with renewed vigor. I love blogging because I can connect more personally and introspectively with my community. It is a refreshing welcome away from all the algorithmic craziness of social media! Can i get an Amen! 

I'll keep this one short but want to highlight the beautiful Tribe we have co created and that continues to usher Ngome Lifestyle to new heights. My love of fashion is fueled by my love for community, culture, and connection. You can look forward to seeing a blog post at least once of month along with our newsletter. Were gearing up for Boutique Boss Bootcamp! This is a course offering to Ecomm boutiques. This is a course im designing speciafically for boutique owners. Lets face it, guidance and a blueprint are critical to be successful in business. I've taken many L's in this game and not ashamed of any of the losses and lessons. They all helped me to levergae my passion, expertise, and authenticity. I look forward to shairng the details soon as we prepare to launch January 2022!

In the meantime, be sure to check out our new Fall Collection now live on the site which was a beautiful labor of love! The inspiration came from the beauty of Fall, the art of repurposing the old with the new, and my love of pattern and color mixing! I put my foot it in this collection with the designs, visuals, and content to create something im very proud of as everything was done with the highest intentions. Which brings me to manifesting a showroom/studio space soon! I love the idea of unconventional retail done creatively with curated and usable space offerings. At my core, I am a die hard creative and that is the space I thrive in most. Being at a desk or doing administrative tasks all day is not my happy place-LOL! 

Anywho, i promised to keep this one short, until next time, continue to thrive in your gifts, purpose and passions! 

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