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Our Brand

Our Afropolitan lifestyle brand features Diaspora apparel and accessories that weave a rich herstory of unapologetic confidence, culture, and community.

We are a sustainable driven company committed to repurposing waste, reducing waste, and promoting slow fashion.

We curate timeless & traditional pieces which transform your confidence and enhance your lifestyle.

Adornment is the highest form of expression, choose accessories that cause conversation

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Timeless & Traditional

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Luxury Oil Collection

Oils and collected from Ancient recipes and resins.


Niama Cowrie Collection

Cowrie shells were a symbol of wealth from the Motherland and were used for trade and currency.


Royal Wrap Box

The ultimate, luxury, monthly Headwrap subscription box!

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The name Ngome (pronounced n-go-me')

Ngome is an acronym which stands for Natural Goddess of Mother Earth, so when they ask (and they will) you can boldy tell them!

We later found out Ngome is also the name of a shrine in Africa called Ngome Marian. The Ngome Marian Shrine is a shrine dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary in Ngome, KwaZulu-Natal, where Sister Reinolda May, member of the Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing, experienced ten visions between 22 August 1955 and 2 May 1971. We know that nothing is by happenstance.


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Ngome Lifestyle was actualized in 2015, by designer and visonary, Donellia, a native daughter of the Gullah soil of South Carolina.

Ngome Lifestyle is a lifestyle brand made up of a tribe of Royals (the StyleTribe) those reigning supreme with style, global confidence, and unabashed Godfidence!

We are Royal, knowing and uncovering our truth, worth and value. 

Do you know them? They are YOU and I am WE. Ubuntu!

About Ngome Lifestyle:

-We take pride in sourcing our accessories and fabrics in Africa and produce our exclusive clothing and HeadWraps locally in our beautful South Carolina, Gullah Sea Islands.

-We cycle our dollars back into our community by supporting local entrepreneurs and partnering with women-owned businesses through commerce and collaboration. The traditional way our Ancestors did.

-We value fair trade, ethically made, sourced, slow and sustainable fashion. 

-We pride ourselves in having the entreprenuerial spirit of Madame CJ Walker, the fortitude of Harriet, and the wisdom of Maya.

When you support Ngome Lifestyle, you support social and soulful entrepreneurship. When you support a woman-owned business, you help support a family, community, and help build a legacy. A portion of our proceeds benefit The EPIC Foundation, our non-profit which Empowers People in our Community (EPIC) through stable and sustainable housing, personal/community development, and disability advocacy.

With Peace & Pure Gratitude

Ngome LIfeStyle


Cant get enough! Ngome is my go to for all my African goods!

Taylor S.

Royal Wrap Box Review

I got my Royal Wrap Box and let me just say it is a royal treat! Cant wait to adorn myself with there beautiful items!

Najmah T.