Ngome 2022 StyleGuide is HERE!

Ngome 2022 StyleGuide is HERE!

Cheers to a beautiful new season of abundance, clarity, self love, bold moves, great health, and exceptional blessings! Lately I've been indulging in the latest installment of Sex and the City, And Just like That. I wasn't sure what to expect other than great fashion and nostalgia. Refereshingly enough, they added some much needed melanin vibes to enrich the iconic show. As progressive as this show seemed in the late 90's it was not very inclusive. Fast forward now and they obviously figured out they missed a major mark. The story lines are classic Sex and the City full of lively LGBTQ sotrylines and humor, bold fashion, and stage of life drama. I look forward to each week and can appreciate keeping a classic in tact while seeing beautiful melanin Queens in upscale and urban fashion. After all, how do you center a show around fashion, withut including those at the forefront and inspiration of it all?

In a particular episode, Carrie is sorting through her arsenal of decades of fashion and going through each one as a game of love it or toss it, reminding me that this season is the perfect time to purge. Meaning to only hold on to those things that bring joy, peace, and love! Clearly there is not enough closet space and energy to keep anything that does not invite feel good emotions. Im learning to truly let go of what i don't have room, time, or energy for. This is how we get better at managing and mastering ourselves.

As badly as we want to hold on to things for nostalgia's sake, it just is not possible. I encourage you to let go of what no longer fits you, suits you, or brings happiness. For those pieces that are timeless and vintage consider archiving them and storing away from home or donating to a worthy charity. 

Our 2022 StyleGuide was curated and inspired by bold colors, the latest trends in fashion, and elements for building a sustainble wardrobe. May you find inspiration to release and let go to leave space for new blessings to pour in! 

With style, grace, and gratitude!

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