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Ngome Lifestyle

Crowns Up Bundle

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Introducing the Crowns Up Bundle: A Testament to Self-Love, Care, and Sisterhood👑

At Ngome Lifestyle, we believe in celebrating the essence of who you are with every aligned thought, action and breath you take. That's why we've created the Crowns Up Bundle, a tribute to the soulful journey of self-care and sisterhood. Inspired by our beloved November Crown Box and in honor of National Wrap Day, this bundle encapsulates the theme of "Crowns Up, Cups Full, Circle Tight” an ode to radical self-care self-love and sisterhood! Designed exclusively by Ngome Lifestyle.

What's Inside the Crowns Up Bundle?

👑Head Wrap: Wrap your crown in the luxury of one of our signature head wraps to remind you of your royal roots, it's more than an accessory—it's a crown (your bundle will include a coordinating HeadWrap).

👑Empowering T-Shirt: Adorn yourself in our comfortable yet chic T-shirt, featuring the inspiring 'Crowns Up, Cups Full, and Crown Tight' logo. A daily reminder of your unshakeable strength. (Model wearing size L)

👑Color-Changing Mug: Sip your favorite brew from our magical color-changing mug. Watch as it reveals the empowering logo, igniting your inner fire with every sip.

👑Affirmation Card: Uplift your spirit with words that speak to your soul. Keep this card close as a constant reminder of your worth and power.

🎁A Gift That Speaks Volumes!

Whether you're seeking the perfect holiday gift, a unique addition to a swag bag, or a reward to honor your own journey, the Crowns Up Bundle is more than a present—it's a statement. It's a celebration of unity, resilience, and the unbreakable bond of sisterhood.

💫Pour Into Yourself, Unapologetically

Ngome Lifestyle is more than a brand; it's a movement. With the Crowns Up Bundle, we invite you to embrace your journey, find your tribe, and keep your crown up—unapologetically. Let this bundle be your daily reminder that you are worthy, you are loved, and you are enough.

🛍️Get Yours Today

Join the Ngome Lifestyle family and step into a world where your crown is celebrated every day. Order your Crowns Up Bundle now and embark on a journey of radical self-love and care, wrapped in the warmth of sisterhood.

Experience Crown culture and affirmations monthly with our Crown Box subscription box!