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Homini HeadWrap Mask Set

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Homino is a stylish option to go forth in the world wherever you are! Homini is part of our Mtindo WrapSet collection (Mtindu means style in Swahili): 4 distinct and classic 100% cotton Made in Africa fabric prints:

Azura-Black/white tribal print
Agenue-Colored tribal print
Kesmet-Mud cloth print
Denya-Indigo Print
Homini-Dual print (a combination of any 2 of the above prints, these cannot be preselected as they are made with excess prints from the collection to create one HeadWrap, see pictures above)

Masks coordinate with selected HeadWrap print. Masks are reversible for multi-wearable style options as you follow the CDC recommendation for daily mask wearing.

Please note the following:

-Masks are double sided (reversible) and unfiltered.
-Masks are to be washed daily after use in cold water and hanged to dry, lightly iron as needed.
-Masks may have stretch fabric for fit around the ears or fabric ends. Fabric ends will not have stretch and may need to be tied to fit around your ears.
-HeadWrap mask sets are unable to be returned. If there is an issue with your set, we will work with you for a reasonable solution (store credit, replacement, etc., please see our store policies) Due to these being limited edition fabrics, the same fabric may not be able to be replaced.

This collection is brought to you with lots of love and intention. These sets will go fast as they are exclusive prints and in limited quantity. Authentic made in African prints are a textile treasure. HeadWrap sets are made locally in South Carolina by our seamstress Janice from Jamaica. We proudly empower our local and global seamstress community with work opportunities through making our signature collections. We are fair trade, ethically sourcing, and promote sustainable fashion. We use 100% of our fabrics, find ways to reduce waste, and repurpose unsold clothing and excess fabric.