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Nseela HeadWrap

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Nseela reigns supreme in bold eggplant and chartreuse against shades of creams and gold! A regal statement piece! Premium Ankara print fabric. Wrap is 100% cotton, measuring 70”x 22.” Proudly made in the Gullah Geechee sea islands. 

Be sure to wear a satin scarf under your wrap to prevent breakage and retain moisture.

We highly recommend following our 5 Wrap commandments:



  • Wear thy Wrap with your head held high, Crowns all the way up👌🏾
  • Wrap your HeadWrap to your comfort level👌🏾
  • Practice and patience makes for easy wrap styling👌🏾
  • Stay elevated, think well your highness👌🏾
  • Keep hair and temple hydrated👌🏾